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A ASP.NET based UserControl for easy entry of Currency / Money. This User Control is extended from ASP.NET 2.0 TextBox control. It works for any .Net versions above 2.0. After using the AJAX MaskedEditExtender with TextBox control, I have found users complaining about it being cumbersome so I went ahead and wrote this User Control. It uses the ASP.NET TextBox in conjunction with some javascript to achieve the results without having to add any Mask.

1. Free flow entry with a programmable limit to number of decimals. This limit is set using a property.
2. Formats the money value on tab-out.
3. Changes to entry mode on focus.

Does not, at this point of time,:
1. Allow negative values
2. Currency signs.

Update: 9/12/2010 - a new binary is available with some bug fixes.

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